Family Self-Sufficiency

The Sanford Housing Authority’s (SHA) Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program is a voluntary employment and savings incentive program designed to assist families in becoming economically independent and self-sufficient within five years. All SHA public housing residents and HCV voucher holders with a desire to improve their family’s financial situation through additional education, job training, life skills training, and coaching, are eligible to participate in the FSS Program.

Program Highlights:

  1. Pay no cost to participate.
  2. Receive one-on-one case management support and resources to achieve goals.
  3. Provide informative workshops to enhance all facets of self-improvement.
  4. Establish an escrow savings account when earned income increases. SHA rewards you by placing monies into an escrow savings account as long as your earned income remains higher than when you began the program.
  5. Request and receive funds from the escrow savings account before completing the program to assist with purchases related to achieving goals. Funds may be requested to make purchases related to education, job training, transportation, homeownership, and starting a business.

For more information on the FSS Program please contact 919-776-7655, PH Ext. 4240 or HCV Ext. 4226.