Public Housing

The Sanford Housing Authority (SHA) utilizes site-based waiting lists. A family interested in participating in public housing may apply to the management office for the development to which the applicant is applying for admission or to the Sanford Housing Authority when the waiting list is open, and applications are being accepted.

SHA gives public notice of when the waiting list will open and where applications will be accepted. SHA advertises the notice in local newspapers, on this Web page, at its Central Office Building, and at SHA’s Public Housing developments. The notice of waiting list opening will specify the development(s) seeking applicants as well as unit sizes available.

Our main goals are to provide safe, clean, affordable housing; effective social services; build  partnerships with our residents; improve our residents’ quality of life; encourage employment and self-sufficiency. SHA Property Managers and off duty SPD Officers work together to address community concerns. These coordinated efforts let residents and the public know that SHA has a strong and committed presence in their community.