Our Communities


The Sanford Housing Authority has eight rental communities. They are scattered throughout the Sanford area and each has it own advantages and amenities for potential tenants to consider when applying for Housing.

Linden Heights


This community is located off of Third St, in close proximity to the Sanford Municipal Center, which also houses the Sanford Police Dept. This community offers 46 single and duplex units, and has just been completely renovated and updated in 2007. The renovations include new siding, roofs, floors, windows, drywall and updated bathrooms and kitchen areas. Included in this complex is a playground for community children. The housing authority maintenance department is also located within this community. It is a short drive from this community to the local library, downtown, grocery stores and other shopping areas.

Gilmore Terrace
gilmore-terraceLocated within seconds of the local hospital and main doctor’s offices of Sanford, Gilmore Terrace offers 70 duplex and single units for rent. It also has just been renovated, and updates include new roofs, siding, floors, drywall, bathrooms and kitchens. It also includes an on site playground. A special amenity of this community is that a satellite Boys and Girls Club location is actually within the complex- perfect for families with children involved in this civic program. The Housing Authority even provides transportation after school from local schools to the Club.  This location is also within minutes of our main office on Carthage St.

Matthews Court

matthews-courtThis is one of our elderly/disabled facilities. This community consists of 50 2, 4, and 6- plex unit groupings that fosters a community minded living arrangement well suited for elderly or disabled tenants. It is located in a quiet, tree lined neighborhood setting and is very close to the Police Dept. as well.  This site offers an onsite laundry facility were residents can easily do laundry without the burden of needing transportation to a facility elsewhere. Weekly community activities such as Bingo and bowling trips are provided at no charge and facilitated by our resident services coordinator.

Garden Street Community

garden-streetAnother of our family oriented communities, the Garden St. complex consist of 56 2 and 4 plex units located within several cul de sacs- all nestled among a shady backdrop of trees. It is also located close to restaurants and shopping areas, as well as the post office and community pools/recreation. A playground is provided at this site also.  A community center is located at the center of the complex, where nightly GED and computer skills classes are offered by Central Carolina Community College.


Stewart Manor

stewart-manorThe second of our Elderly/Disabled Facilities, this high rise is located off of Horner Blvd. and offers 99 apartments for rent. Complete with an Auditorium, community TV room with expanded cable, Craft room for arts and ceramics, and indoor mail receptacles, Stewart Manor offers many amenities that its chosen demographic can appreciate. This building also offers on-site laundry facilities on its 2nd and 4th floors. As an added bonus, SHA provides contract security guards nightly for the building, including but not limited to escorts to vehicles and proximity card entrances for residents safety and peace of mind. A resident service coordinator is on site frequently throughout the week to assist residents and address problems and concerns. This coordinator also facilitates weekly Bingo and bowling trips for any residents interested.

Harris Court

Harris COurtLocated across the street from Stewart Manor, Harris Court consists of 26 town houses,  3 &4- plex units for rent. Located very close to Horner Blvd, its centralized location makes it easy to get to virtually anywhere you would need to go in Sanford in minutes. The Boys and Girls Club is also located very near by, which is a huge asset for parents with school age children.


Utley Plaza
utley-plazaThis community is in an ideal location for anyone with children, or an individual that is going to school themselves. This 55 unit complex is located directly across from Central Carolina Community College off of Kelly Drive, and adjacent to the local high school.  It is also close to manufacturing facilities for easy assess to job opportunities at places like Davenport, Tyson Foods, and Pentair Pools annex plant.

Foushee Heights

foushee-heightsFoushee Heights is our most outlying community, consisting of 40 two and four plex units for rent. Located off Broadway Road, it is directly across the street from the local middle school and one of Sanford’s largest manufacturing facilities, Coty Inc. This location provides a little less of an inner city feel, but is still within a few miles of the center of Sanford. Perfect for families or individuals wanting a relaxed, community environment.