Job: Resident Self-Sufficiency(ROSS) Coordinator

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Title Resident Self-Sufficiency(ROSS) Coordinator
Location Sanford NC
Job Information

Position Summary

Responsible for working directly with residents, resident organizations, and service providers to coordinate

comprehensive service delivery that results in the enhancement of the social and economic well-being of the Agency

residents and their success within the ROSS grant Programs. Incumbent will plan, implement, and organize the ROSS

grant programs and to ensure that ROSS grant activities and expenditures comply with HUD guidelines. The duties listed

below illustrate the various types of work that may be performed. The omission of specific statements regarding duties

does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment in association with this



Undertakes and performs the following and other work-related duties as assigned.

  1. Monitors ROSS grant programs daily activities and budgets, supervise and mentors staff, collaborates with community agencies and partners and enters into contract negotiations with potential vendors; reports grant activities to the Agency and HUD.
  2. Supervises staff, providing ongoing assistance to support a positive and productive working environment.
  3. Participates in and/or recommends the selection, employment, training, direction, utilization, discipline, and termination of department employees. Evaluates performance.
  4. Coordinates with local service providers to ensure that program participants are linked to supportive services needed to achieve self-sufficiency; acts as a liaison between the residents and local service providers.
  5. Provides general case management which includes intake, assessment, education, and referral of residents to service providers in the general community.
  6. Establishes familiarity with community services; maintains updated information on health, educational, vocational, and social services; maintains a network of contact persons in community organizations and government benefits programs to facilitate resident linkages.
  7. Markets the program to residents. Develop methods and programs for reaching clients who need services but do not on their own have the initiative seek them.
  8. Coordinates and oversees the delivery of services, ensuring services are provided on a regular, ongoing, and satisfactory basis.
  9. Coordinates and sponsors events, which may include subjects relating to health care, job search seminars, life skills training, etc.
  10. Creates a resident group to promote self-sufficiency efforts and/or encourage residents to build informal support networks with other residents, family, and friends.
  11. Provides conflict resolution services and foster a sense of community among residents.
  12. Provides a variety of life-skills training to resolve financial and/or behavioral problems affecting resident’s continued housing via direct training or referrals to community agencies. These may include but are not continued housing via direct training or referrals to community agencies. These may include, but are not limited to, nutrition, transportation, conflict resolution, basic money management, problem-solving and other cognitive skills, financial literacy, credit repair, interpersonal skills, job training/search/placement, disability services counseling, meal services and/or assistance with activities of daily living for elderly/disabled residents.
  13. Monitors the ongoing provision of services including supportive services from community agencies and keep the case management and provider agency current with the progress of the individual. Monitors the provision of supportive services where appropriate.
  14. Attends trainings to further the mission of the ROSS grant programs as well as the mission of the Agency.
  15. Reinforces welfare-to-work programs and focus efforts on increasing residents’ earning capacity. Set career goals and seek professional mentors within organizations where residents may be working.
  16. Collect and report on program participant demographic data that can be used in applying for grants or developing procedures and policies that better meet the needs of those served.
  17. Gathers accurate participant and program data for use in outcomes-based performance evaluation and reporting. Evaluate the overall success of the program.
  18. Tracks and reports to HUD on the progress of residents enrolled in the program. Reports include, but are not limited to, Annual reports and narratives.
  19. Manages and oversees grant expenditures by monitoring budget expenditures daily; entering purchase orders into accounting system and perform budget revisions as necessary.
  20. Designs and implements evaluation tools to assess quality of service sand resident satisfaction.
  21. Participates in the design of new program and service delivery models and writing/production of grant application documents.
  22. Assist in coordinating activities of volunteers, student interns and contractors; participate in developing and coordinating the implementation of volunteer/mentorship relationships with residents.
  23. Represents the Agency and the department on internal and community committees and task forces as assigned.
  24. Develops a personal work plan to achieve department and agency annual goals, objectives, and work standards. Maintain relationships with other staff.
  25. Operates within national, state, and local legal, regulatory, and programmatic constraints in areas of responsibility.
  26. Accountable for consistent adherence to strong Agency standards regarding the ethical, responsible, and appropriate use, care, and safeguarding of Agency materials, supplies, resources, and other assets.


Education and Experience

Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in Social Work, Human Services, Psychology, or other closely

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